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Detectamet has developed Detectathene Super XD Plastic, a food-safe, X-ray-visible engineering plastic designed to help prevent foreign-body contamination in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

According to Detectamet, the base polymer of Detectathene Super XD has been used extensively within the food, pharmaceutical and packing industries due to its characteristics of low friction, high abrasion resistance, nil moisture absorption rate, good impact resistance and ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures of approximately -260C.

These properties make it a suitable choice within the food industry for applications such as wear strips, machined scrapers, bearings, bushes, liners for chutes and hoppers, chain guides and guide rails.

Detectathene Super XD Plastic is available in several sheet sizes and gauges.

Detectamet can also provide bespoke machined parts formed from this new material.


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