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Micronor has introduced the MR330, an absolute Fibre Optic Position Sensor (FOPS) that meets ATEX requirements for use in mines and other hazardous environments.

The MR330 position sensor is immune to electromagnetic interference from sources such as lightening, radiation, magnetic fields and other harsh environmental conditions.

This makes it especially suitable for outdoor applications such as wind turbines and antennas.

Its fibre-optic aspect also makes it suitable for long-distance position sensing over hundreds of meters without being affected by ground loop problems.

According to Micronor, the MR330’s accuracy and EMI immunity make it suitable for applications requiring precise motion control and position measurement in challenging environments, such as oil rigs, satellite antennas, solar panel arrays, actuator systems, transportation systems, steel mills and medical instrumentation.

It uses an optical technique embedded in a passive sensor and active controller connected by a duplex fibre-optic link.

The controller transmits a burst of light to the code disk in the sensor that accurately modulates the spectral components of the light, based on angular position.

This position information is imprinted in the optical spectrum of the light and guided back to the controller for a precise position readout.

The sensor requires no electrical power and houses no electronic components.

It measures absolute angular position from 0-360deg with 13-bit (8192 count) resolution at speeds exceeding 2,500rpm.

A complete system consists of the MR332 Passive Sensor and MR330 Controller, which interconnect via a duplex fibre-optic link.

The fibre cable used is readily available industry standard 62.5/125um multimode fibre with Duplex LC connections.

The MR330 controller is powered by 24VDC and features multiple built-in interfaces and protocols for position read-out, making it compatible with most motion systems.

According to Micronor, the controller’s embedded processor and firmware offers a set of built-in functions and multiple interface options not available in conventional encoders or resolvers.

The MR330-1 SSI Controller offers SSI, USB, RS485 Serial, Modbus RTU, two analogue outputs (4-20mA and +/-10V) and two digital set points.

Unit price for a complete MR330 controller/MR332 sensor system is USD5,790 in small quantities, with a typical lead time of two to three weeks ARO.

Special versions can be engineered for radiation environments, MRI applications and OEM product integration.

Since 1968, MICRONOR has been supplying motion control products for industrial automation, hazardous locations and other harsh environmental applications. Manufacturer of ZapFREE fiber optic rotary encoders, optical and magnetic encoders, resolvers, position transducers, rotary limit switches, cam timers, motorized potentiometers, manual pulse generators and handheld pendants. Thousands of Micronor solutions have been controlling equipment from CNC machines to ship diesel engines to nuclear power plants to aerospace systems.

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