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Fibre Photonics has added automated CIP functionality to its line of ATR immersion probes in the 0.18-18um spectral range.

Cleaning is now faster, less labour intensive, more repeatable and poses less of a chemical-exposure risk.

Maintaining the integrity of optical-analysis methods is critical in applications such as: reaction monitoring, crystallisation development and screening, process analytical technology (PAT), analytical characterisation and biopharmaceutical analysis.

Only an optical system with automated CIP allows reliable analysis at any time during chemical and biological processes.

The semi or fully automated Sensogate-FOS and remotely operated Ceramat-FOS with Unical-FOS 9000 controller are designed so fibre-optic immersion probes can be cleaned and used with ease.

A detector/analyser can be used to monitor the cleaning process.

When the baseline is reached, drying starts and the probe is pushed back into the process-measurement position.

Fibre Photonics

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