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Mori Seiki has launched the NZL2500 CNC lathe with four-axis control and 10-inch chuck, designed to achieve high productivity and high accuracy in complex machining programming for shafts and flanges.

The NZL2500 offers improved machining capabilities, accuracy and quality compared to its predecessor, the ZL Series, of which around 2,500 units were sold worldwide.

On the new machine, higher rigidity is achieved by using three independent guideways so that Turret one, Turret two and the tailstock can all move independently of one another.

Allowing Turret two to move in the Z-axis without being restricted by the tailstock makes the latter very rigid, while the slideways used on all the axes give the NZL2500 50 per cent more stiffness than a conventional machine.

Mori Seiki’s built-in motor turret technology is used for Turret one in the MC- and Y-type versions of the NZL2500, offering high-capacity milling that has been demonstrated on its NL Series machines To achieve high accuracy and avoid the problems associated with thermal displacement, the spindle, which is a major heat source, has been designed as a heat-symmetrical structure.

This reduces the thermal displacement by 50 per cent compared with conventional machines.

Additionally, the upper and lower X axes are equipped with core cooling as standard, ensuring high accuracy for long periods of continuous machining.

The NZL2500 offers turning for work pieces that require 10- or 12-inch chuck sizes, and is available with 600 or 1,000mm between centres.

It also has options for milling (MC type) and Y-axis machining (Y type), capabilities that were not available on the ZL Series, enabling the completion of more complex machining tasks.

Shower coolant comes as standard, while an optional wide rear-discharge chip conveyor makes it possible to run the machine automatically for extended periods.

For extra flexibility when machining shafts, a range of optional steady rests are available.

Turret one on the NZL2500 has capacity for 12 tools and the built-in motor turret on the MC and Y versions of the machine can be fitted with rotary tools at each station.

Turret two has capacity for eight turning tools.

Cutting simultaneously with Turret one and Turret two can shorten machining times significantly, achieving higher productivity.

Furthermore, to help save energy and reduce the environmental burden of the machine, oil supply is suspended when the machine is on standby.

This results in around a 33 per cent saving in lubricating oil consumption.

The NZL2500 uses the latest MAPPS IV operating system.

The combination of automatic programming software (standard) and Espirit CAM software (standard) allows the machine to handle complex machining programming.

Naturally, the NZL2500 conforms to safety standards of all over the world, including CE marking, UL Standards and ANSI.

MORI SEIKI with its head offices in Nagoya, Japan, is a pioneer in machine tool building. Founded in 1948 the company has launched more than one hundred different lathe and machining centre series over the years, all NC / CNC models. In total more than 180.000 machines have been produced.

Products from MORI SEIKI are manufactured on the basis of a solid development policy. As manufacturer of machine tools the company has developed a wide range of CNC lathes, machining centres, and multi-axis lathes. Complete solution is the key phrase, as support throughout the full lifecycle of machines is paramount to MORI SEIKI.

MORI SEIKI machines are produced in Japanese production factories Iga, Nara and Chiba, as well as in its production location at Dixi machines in Le Locle, Switzerland. The French company TOBLER SAS – specialists in precise clamping mandrels and clamping tools – also belongs to the Mori Seiki group.

MORI SEIKI has over 90 sales and service technical centres worldwide.

Recent years have seen the company’s dedication in Europe get off to a good start. Various sites have been set up and further expanded. The European training centre is located in the Stuttgart Technical Centre. Here customers, employees and business partners from all over Europe can be trained in extremely well equipped conditions.

We also have a centralised spare parts department in Europe, which has over 23.290 parts in stock, ensuring quicker and more efficient spare parts delivery.

Precision, performance and productivity: that is PURE TECHNOLOGY from MORI SEIKI.

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