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Fox Electronics has added a smaller version of its 3.3V Xpresso XO LVDS oscillators to the Xpresso crystal oscillator series.

The FXO-LC33 series LVDS oscillators come in a frequency range of 0.75MHz through 1.35GHz in a compact 3.2 x 2.5mm package with stabilities as tight as +/- 25ppm and a frequency resolution to six decimal places.

The FXO-LC33 oscillators are said to be ideal for use in Sonet, SDH, ATM, Ethernet, storage area network, broadband access, microprocessors/DSP/FPGA, industrial controllers, test and measurement equipment, fibre channel and any other application requiring an oscillator.

They operate in a temperature range of -20C to 70C or 40C to 85C.

Fox’s FXO-LC33 oscillators use the third order Delta Sigma Modulator (DSM) and have reduced noise levels comparable to those of traditional bulk quartz and SAW oscillators.

Offering jitter of less than 1pS and a wide frequency range, the Xpresso oscillators are available in one to two days for samples and within 10 days for production quantities.

The Xpresso crystal oscillators utilise a family of proprietary application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), designed and developed by Fox, to significantly reduce noise.

The oscillators come standard with Fox’s patented serial identification system with comprehensive traceability back to its original manufacturing lot to ensure quality control.

The RoHS- and Reach-compliant Xpresso XO LVDS oscillator’s contacts are constructed with a gold-over-nickel termination finish.

Fox’s FXO-LC33 series features industry-standard packaging including footprint and pin-out.

To reduce power consumption, the Xpresso oscillators also feature a tri-state enable/disable feature that enables the user to turn off the output.

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