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Fraser has resolved many problems caused by static electricity in the injection-moulding process, including adhesion to toolface and conveyor, dust attraction and shocks to operators.

All of these problems result in decreased productivity and must be dealt with effectively to ensure efficiencies are maintained and health and safety demands are met.

For cases where the product adheres to either the tool or the conveyor, Fraser recommends a solution that blows ionised air towards the mouldings using either the 5000 Ionised Airknife, the 4200 Ionised Air Nozzle or the 1250AIR Bar system.

The ionised airflow will neutralise the mouldings and gently dislodge them, allowing them to proceed onwards through the system for packing.

Where charging of the mouldings results in dust attraction and operator shocks, Fraser recommends bathing the area in ionised air using the long-range 3850 Ionstorm Bar.

The Ionstorm system uses advanced pulsed DC ionisation technology to neutralise static at distances of up to 1m without air assistance.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

Fraser Anti-Static are specialists in industrial static electricity
problems. Manufacturing and supplying a wide range of static control and
static elimination equipment including static eliminator bars, ionised air
blowers, ionising guns and nozzles, passive static dischargers, static
meters and static generators.

Fraser produces static control equipment for leading machinery manufacturers
and is a major supplier to manufacturing and processing companies
worldwide – either directly or through a network of distributors. Fraser
Anti-Static’s customers are throughout the plastics, packaging, print,
pharmaceutical, food and related industries.

With Fraser Anti-Static’s equipment, problem areas such as electro-static
attraction/repulsion of the product, dust contamination, esd, shocks to
operators can effectively be eliminated.

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