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Fraser Anti-Static Techniques has found that, depending on the problem, both short- and long-range solutions may need to be employed to tackle static electricity in the textile industry.

Static electricity causes severe problems in many areas of the textile industry, from ballooning and yarn breaks during the warping process to unpleasant operator shocks during carding and inspection.

For a short-range solution, where space allows for a static eliminator bar to be positioned close to the material or yarn, the 1250S would be a suitable product.

In some cases, however, the movement of the equipment or product does not allow for close positioning and a long-range solution such as the Ionstorm bar would be recommended to neutralise the static charges from a distance of approximately 500mm.

In an industry where a single broken yarn can cause long periods of downtime it is important to control static to ensure maximum output.

The result of correctly positioned static eliminator bars is a smoother running factory and a shock-free workforce.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

Fraser Anti-Static are specialists in industrial static electricity
problems. Manufacturing and supplying a wide range of static control and
static elimination equipment including static eliminator bars, ionised air
blowers, ionising guns and nozzles, passive static dischargers, static
meters and static generators.

Fraser produces static control equipment for leading machinery manufacturers
and is a major supplier to manufacturing and processing companies
worldwide – either directly or through a network of distributors. Fraser
Anti-Static’s customers are throughout the plastics, packaging, print,
pharmaceutical, food and related industries.

With Fraser Anti-Static’s equipment, problem areas such as electro-static
attraction/repulsion of the product, dust contamination, esd, shocks to
operators can effectively be eliminated.

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