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Fraser Cleaning Technologies, a component cleaning specialist, has developed the V-Max integrated cleaning system in response to market demand, partly driven by changes in legislation.

The system is said to bring together the V-Max range of sealed solvent vapour degreasing machines and a new solvent – DuPont Vertrel – in one package to replace the use of traditional open-tank solvent degreasers, economically, effectively and within an affordable budget.

This offering is intended to provide users with a total cleaning solution combining equipment, solvent, waste management and technical support in one package.

A fully dedicated demonstration centre enables full validation of both chemical and equipment to meet an individual need.

The system features: integrated sealed solvent transfer; sealed waste transfer and removal from site; equipment supply and support; a 75 per cent reduction in energy usage over water wash; solvent losses as low as one litre per week; and single-button automated operation for a three-stage process.

Fraser Cleaning Technologies

Fraser Cleaning Technologies Limited are EU specialists in all aspects of Metal, Plastics and Electronics Component Cleaning. They have provided fully independent advice for Forty years. Providing a total process solution for degreasing, they combine all Chemistries and Equipment to ensure the best results for crItical cleaning.

A fully dedicated Demonstration Centre enables the customer to validate his cleaning options before making any choice for their individual need conveniently. Fraser act on behalf of World renowned brands which includes DuPont, the Kyzen Corporation, Enviro Tech Europe and CC Hydrosonics, each recognised for innovation.

Whether there is a need for Regulatory advice or the best available Science to enable the best performance and highest safety needs, the most up to date data is available. Commended for their Solvent Reduction Programme using best available techniques and staff training on your own site, the outcome provides answers to tomorrows cleaning issues….Today.

A free DVD introduction is available by contacting Denise Litster.

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