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The Fraser 850 Anti-Static Cord is made from conductive microfibers that can concentrate the static field and so absorb the static charge, allowing it to flow harmlessly to earth.

It is many times more powerful than copper wires and other homemade devices that engineers use to overcome production and safety problems.

It is made into a robust ‘string’ with a diameter of 2.5mm and breaking strain of more than 50kG.

The 850 Anti-Static Cord is used to neutralise film on winders and unwinders, packaging materials, conveyors, plastic pipework and many other industrial processes.

The only installation requirement is a good earth connection.

It is available in reels of 10m, 25m and 50m.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

Fraser Anti-Static are specialists in industrial static electricity
problems. Manufacturing and supplying a wide range of static control and
static elimination equipment including static eliminator bars, ionised air
blowers, ionising guns and nozzles, passive static dischargers, static
meters and static generators.

Fraser produces static control equipment for leading machinery manufacturers
and is a major supplier to manufacturing and processing companies
worldwide – either directly or through a network of distributors. Fraser
Anti-Static’s customers are throughout the plastics, packaging, print,
pharmaceutical, food and related industries.

With Fraser Anti-Static’s equipment, problem areas such as electro-static
attraction/repulsion of the product, dust contamination, esd, shocks to
operators can effectively be eliminated.

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