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Fraser Anti-Static Techniques and Exim Tech have created a contaminant removal system for KIA Motors Slovakia.

The system was designed to overcome contamination issues directly caused by static-charged particles at the outer entrances of the chassis paint spray lines.

Fraser recommended installing three sets of custom-made ionising gates (for all three paint spray lines) using the 5100 Ionised Air Knives before the entrance of the paint spray line.

The Air Knives were positioned to form an arch over the surface of the vehicle to achieve effective blowing and remove all dust and contaminants prior to spraying, while ionising the air and preventing re-attraction.

Optimisation of the air speed has been achieved by the adjustment of air pressure, which can be varied from one to seven bar and is dependent on the cleaning distance.

The Air Knife works by forcing the compressed air out through a slot at high speed.

The air is ionised as it passes over a static eliminator bar and has the capability of neutralising static electricity on both charged particles and the host surface simultaneously.

The reduction of static electricity and associated contamination positively contributed to the improvement of vehicles cleanness before spraying; eliminated one of the sources of non-quality and increased quality and productivity on the final spraying lines.

The system is fitted with an ionising function monitoring and alarm-signal system.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

Fraser Anti-Static are specialists in industrial static electricity
problems. Manufacturing and supplying a wide range of static control and
static elimination equipment including static eliminator bars, ionised air
blowers, ionising guns and nozzles, passive static dischargers, static
meters and static generators.

Fraser produces static control equipment for leading machinery manufacturers
and is a major supplier to manufacturing and processing companies
worldwide – either directly or through a network of distributors. Fraser
Anti-Static’s customers are throughout the plastics, packaging, print,
pharmaceutical, food and related industries.

With Fraser Anti-Static’s equipment, problem areas such as electro-static
attraction/repulsion of the product, dust contamination, esd, shocks to
operators can effectively be eliminated.

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