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Control Techniques has released a guide covering the theory and practice of motion control technology, from industrial applications to distributed control using intelligent variable speed drives.

The guide is aimed at all designers and users of motion control systems.

The free 68-page booklet, entitled ’A Guide to Motion Control Technology Systems and Programming’ is available on request from the company or can be downloaded from the brochure section of its website.

It looks at common indexing applications including indexing, flying shear and pick and place and then goes on to discuss motion profiles, position loop, speed loop, torque control and 1.5-axis interpolation.

The guide features worked examples of constant velocity/acceleration and motion equation reference and demystifies the complex field of feedback devices for motors.

It includes conversion information and then goes into more detail on tuning the speed loop for motion control and motion control solutions.

The guide gives an overview on levels of motion programming, position loop and motion references such as jogging, homing indexing, digital lock and CAM.

It concludes with an explanation of registration and looks at communication systems, including centrally controlled, centrally co-ordinated and full distribution control.

Control Techniques

Control Techniques, an Emerson Industrial Automation company, is a world leader in the design, production and marketing of electronic variable speed drives for the control of electric motors. Our strategy is to concentrate on delivering drives and servo products that enhance the productivity of our customers’ machines and processes.

We operate through a global network of drive and application centres that both distribute product and add value by building our drive products into custom designed systems and by offering the highest levels of customer service.

Our Control Techniques drive centres also provide us with invaluable feedback and market intelligence so that we can further improve our products and service. This customer focused strategy will enable us to continue to grow profitably.

Our competitive edge is based on our unique focus on drives, our strength in research and development, our investment low-cost manufacturing and an effective worldwide marketing strategy.

Emerson Industrial Automation, a business of Emerson, is a global technology provider that enables productivity, efficiency and quality gains for customers across a spectrum of industries. Our products include alternators, electric motors and drives, electrical distribution devices and mechanical power transmission, fluid automation and ultrasonic joining solutions. Visit our website for more details.

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