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Freescale Semiconductor’s next-generation 32-bit MCUs are designed specifically for automotive applications.

The Qorivva microcontrollers (MCUs), based on Power Architecture technology, are built using a 55nm non-volatile memory (NVM) process for improved power efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The MCUs address key challenges for the automotive market, including the need for increased performance, new safety requirements and enhanced security features.

Freescale’s design process documents features and functions of the MCU so automotive manufacturers have all of the necessary, detailed information during the required safety certification processes.

Qorivva MCUs feature advanced integration and performance capabilities, including configurable peripheral sets such as flexible timers and motor-control systems.

Digital signal processing capabilities provide additional functionality.

With these features, Qorivva MCUs provide the freedom to architect the ideal solution for a particular application.

Increased processing speeds allow more complex control algorithms, while increased on-chip memory content (flash and RAM) reduces the need for off-chip memory.

Intelligent peripheral sets drive complex control systems, such as transmission solenoids, complex injectors and electric motors, with minimal overhead from the microprocessor core.

Improved, embedded sensor interfaces allow simple connection to next-generation automotive sensors.

High-speed analogue-to-digital converters are designed to meet the differing needs of the latest interfaces.

The Body and Security MCUs feature: low power consumption for ‘always on’ systems; advanced vehicle networking with full connectivity offerings (LIN, CAN, MOST, Flexray and Ethernet); and encryption for advanced vehicle network security The Safety and Chassis range includes multicore advanced safety architecture with fault monitoring and event recording, as well as correction systems for maximum protection, building toward the future fault-tolerant systems needed for fully autonomous vehicles.

The Powertrain and Hybrid range features high-performance multicore MCUs with advanced motor control peripherals for hybrid vehicles and high-precision analogue interfaces, as well as digital communications links to analogue sensors.

To meet the requirements of next-generation powertrain systems, many devices in this range will also feature Freescale’s advanced safety architecture.

Each 55nm Qorivva MCU comes with a full run-time software solution, including Autosar MCAL driver suites and an Autosar real-time operating system for single-core and multi-core MCUs.

Qorivva MCUs also are supported by development tools, including high-performance compiler support and multicore debuggers from Freescale development partners, as well as Freescale’s own Codewarrior tool set.

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