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Elettric 80 is offering its Freeway custom-made end-of-line automation system that can automate end-of-line processes within consumer-goods sectors.

The transports within the warehouse are carried out by LGVs equipped with safety technology such as PLS (Proximity Laser Scanning) which continuously scans the immediate surrounding area, dividing it into two safety zones.

When an obstacle is detected in the outer zone, the LGV slows down, and if the obstacle remains and enters the inner zone, the vehicle stops completely until the obstacle is removed.

Sensors in the vehicles’ forks and around the vehicles control their exact position when cargo is picked up and unloaded.

In Freeway Systems, robots palletise the goods in a stable pattern that the robotic stretch wrappers secure, providing stable pallets.

The risk of goods collapsing on the pallet due to internal instability is minimised and such pallets resist even block storage in a safe way, especially when performed by LGVs.

While palletising and wrapping, the robots are closed behind protective partitions.

LVGs in a warehouse with a Freeway System can sense movement and will stack stable pallets with a precision of a few centimetres.

The system also secures an even material flow.

Housekeeping and prestaging is done in the shipping area and can be done during the night by LGVs, flattening out peaks that cause stress and minimising the required pallet movements in the warehouse during the day.

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