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Power Systems International has launched its Shore Power frequency converter, which provides shoreside power to vessels when they berth at port.

The converter is designed to offer the solution to a range environmental concerns and power-conversion issues.

By shutting down the vessel’s engine-driven auxiliary power generators and connecting to the Shore Power converters, there is no smell, barely any audible noise to disturb passengers, neighbouring vessels or on-board personnel, no vibration smoke or fumes, no CO2 emissions and no costly diesel fuel or oil.

Power Systems International’s Shore Power frequency converters are designed for use on the public supply grid networks of 50 or 60Hz with three-phase standard input voltages of 208, 400, 460 or 575V.

The output voltage and frequency will be according to the needs of the ship with voltages and frequencies similar to the input.

The shore-to-ship power converter can be manufactured in sizes of 100 to 400kVA in an indoors type of enclosure for installation in a substation or power-distribution room.

The company can also supply the shore-to-ship power converters in an all-weather outdoor enclosure for installing on the dockside or mooring berth.

The onboard Shore Power frequency converters are available in sizes from 25k to 150kVA with three phase 50 or 60Hz output.

The power converters are manufactured for installation on board vessels of all types, providing them with the ability to connect to any shore-based city grid power supply anywhere in the world.

Power Systems International can also provide the shore-to-ship and onboard shore power converters with DC output and special versions with 400Hz input for certain types of naval vessels.

The Shore Power onboard frequency converters provide a galvanic isolation between city grid power pick up point and the onboard vessel power-distribution network.

Power Systems International can also supply the Shore Power frequency converters with input and output cable, cable stowage, reeling systems and distribution systems for the fixed shore-to-ship power converters.

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