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Power Systems has introduced the EL 40 Series of frequency converters.

The converters are designed for aircraft ground power outdoors point-of-use installation at the aircraft parking stands, in maintenance hangars or avionics workshops, aircraft manufacture and training simulators.

The new range of frequency converters utilises the latest in power conversion switching technology to provide all types of aircraft with 400Hz or with 28VDC power security at the place where it is needed.

The standard-version EL40 frequency converters are supplied in a vertical construction with IP31 or IP41 ingress protection and for outdoors use to IP54.

The sizes up to 180kVA can be constructed in a horizontal configuration for mounting under passenger loading bridges or can be delivered fixed onto a mobile trolley.

Optional features include: a 12-pulse rectifier; an output contactor with interlocking; horizontal configuration for trolley or bridge mounting; a 400Hz flexible cable with an aircraft connector; no break power transfer to aircraft service; an additional 28VDC output module; RS485 remote monitoring by computer; a second output contactor and interface; IP54 ingress protection; line-drop compensation; and trolley converters up to 180kVA.

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