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Klinger has brought out the Fire Safe Corrosion Control Gasket (FSCCG).

This allows asset managers and engineers to undertake regular corrosion inspection, without the need for expensive and disruptive flange replacement or machining.

Utilising dual-sealing technology, the highly conformable Gore GR primary seal is designed to flow into the damaged flange, creating a seal and limiting further corrosion, while the Klinger top-chem 2000 secondary seal is bound to the precision-profiled metal core.

With fire-safe approval to API 6FA, the gasket provides excellent blow-out resistance, is creep resistant and minimises any stress reduction over the lifetime of the joint.

The high-strength metallic core helps to create a stable, high-integrity joint that is robust and easy to handle and install.

Epoxy coating provides corrosion resistance for offshore applications.

Reducing the risk of leaks and halts in production, the Klinger FSCCG aims to minimise the environmental impact of any installation and avoids major loss of revenue.

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