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Adva Optical Networking has added the FSP 150CC-324 to the FSP 150 line of Ethernet access products.

The FSP 150CC-324 delivers a host of features for Ethernet demarcation, extension and aggregation.

It is ideal for out-of-region applications and enables up to 90Mbit/s of Ethernet service to be delivered over a bonded pair of DS3s or E3s.

With the addition of the FSP 150CC-324, Adva Optical Networking provides solutions for delivering intelligent Ethernet in a consistent manner over most access technology used by service providers.

It enables service providers to deliver ubiquitous Ethernet services with a common look and feel.

The FSP 150CC-324 enables Ethernet extension off-net over leased single or bonded pair DS3 or E3, empowering clients to extract new value from their legacy systems by adding Ethernet capability to existing add drop multiplexing systems (ADMs), radios and other transport infrastructure.

This means providers may offer new services and develop new revenue streams using existing lines that were not previously Ethernet capable – all with minimal additional investment.

The FSP 150CC-324 is temperature hardened for deployment in outdoor cabinet applications such as mobile backhaul.

Intuitive provisioning capabilities eliminate technically intensive installations, enabling quick and easy field deployments.

Once in place, the device’s remote operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) features minimise the need for expensive truck rolls and provide remote visibility into service level agreement (SLA) conformance.

Service providers save money because fewer hands need to touch the device.

The FSP 150CC-324 can be used to support Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-based services, including EPL (Ethernet Private Line), EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line), E-LAN (Ethernet LAN) and E-tree, both on-net and off-net.

Four customer-facing Ethernet service ports, a small form-factor pluggable (SFP) socket for optical handoffs and advanced service definition capabilities make the device capable of supporting multiple customers or multiple services over a single or bonded DS3/E3 wide area network (WAN) uplink.

Individual customers and services are separated within the WAN using a sophisticated MEF user network interface (UNI) function that includes support for virtual local area networks (VLANs) and Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs).

The FSP 150CC-324 is equipped with Adva Optical Networking’s Etherjack technology.

It enables carriers to deploy profitable Ethernet services by providing an intelligent Ethernet demarcation point that includes an 802.1ag-, Y.1731-, RFC 2544- and 802.3ah-compliant network interface device (NID) for OAM functionality.

The device also includes an MEF-certified UNI to provide advanced services definition.

In addition to Y.1731, the NID supports Etherjack Service Assurance (ESA) for in-service SLA monitoring critical for carrier-class Ethernet services.

With best-in-class hierarchical quality of service (QoS) queuing / shaping, the device provides up to eight classes of service with strict priorities and weighted round robin (WRR) scheduling across EVCs.

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