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Thermo Fisher Scientific has enhanced its Antaris Industrial Gas System (IGS) to offer faster scan speeds (up to 5Hz at 0.5cm-1 resolution) and extra capabilities to support faster scanning.

Based on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Nicolet 6700 Fourier transform interferometer, the Antaris IGS is an FTIR-based analyser capable of monitoring many gases simultaneously, while providing multi-component gas analysis.

According to the company, it is highly configurable and used in a wide scope of industrial analyses, particularly in emerging green energy applications, such as landfill methane gas analysis.

The Antaris IGS is also suitable for use in the automotive, chemical and environmental industries.

Landfills provide ideal conditions for methanogenesis, with landfill gas comprised of approximately 40-60 per cent methane.

Today, significant amounts of waste are decaying under the ground in landfill sites, and methane is produced for years after sites are closed.

As this methane escapes, it contributes to global warming.

To mitigate this issue, many landfills deploy gas collection systems that not only prevent escape, but also capture contaminant-free gas for use in power generation.

The Antaris IGS is a key part of this process, monitoring landfill methane gas so that it can be reused as a source of green energy.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers pre-calibrated gas analysis methods for the Antaris IGS, allowing users to quickly deploy it without extensive setup and calibration delays.

Operated using the company’s Result software, the Antaris IGS provides tools for routine analysis, method development, method transfer, operation setup and data analysis.

It offers a choice of detectors, gas cells and other components that enable users to tailor the system to fit a range of gas analysis applications.

The Antaris IGS available in both industrial rack-mount and table-top configurations, and can be used as a standalone unit or be incorporated into a larger gas analysis system.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Molecular Spectroscopy)

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