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Forever Freedom is offering the MPG-Cap fuel pill.

Used in a ratio of 1g/300-380l of EU petrol – or EU on-road diesel – the caplet is said to decrease emissions by up to 75 per cent and fuel consumption by seven to 14 per cent.

The MPG-Cap gradually puts a catalytic coating on the face of the engine piston.

This makes fuel burn more efficiently while still in the combustion chamber, as opposed to continuing to burn on its way out the exhaust.

Evaporative emissions decrease as fuel efficiency increases.

The combustion chamber is enabled to burn more of the air/fuel mixture, reducing wasted fuel that is expelled in the exhaust cycle of the engine.

The product has been demonstrated in laboratory and on-road studies to improve octane (petrol) and cetane (diesel) values, reduce combustion-chamber carbon deposits and exhaust particulate emissions, and lower CO, NOx and unburned hydrocarbon emissions.

Made of the purest of active ingredients and with no end-of-life disposal issues, the capsules are supplied with a money-back guarantee.

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