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The ANS-300TTS Twin Turret Automated Shaft Lathe is suitable for machining pinion shafts, turbo charger shafts, input shafts, output shafts, axle shafts and electric-motor shafts.

Featuring four-axis simultaneous operation and Fuji’s own gantry robot, it is said to achieve faster cycle times for optimal workpiece output.

The rigid box-way construction of the lathe is said to ensure superior spindle output, while approximately 50 per cent of the process cycle time is reduced by high horsepower spindle and cutting thrust.

A honeycomb-constructed column enhances the rigidity of the lathe, whose footprint is 5ft 7in (w) x 7ft (d) x 9ft 6in (h).

Fuji’s high-speed two-axis gantry robot enables the standard ANS-300TTS to carry up to two parts of 11lb each, allowing for faster and smoother simultaneous multi-axis movement.

To access the front, back, left and right of the traverse axis, it is equipped with Fuji’s Robot Controller Max SP1.

A Fanuc 320i-A CNC Control with five-place decimal positioning control (English), or four-place metric, is also included.

The ANS-300TTS operates at a maximum spindle speed of 3,500rev/min with a 25HP spindle motor.

Featuring a curvic coupling, the turret heads on each slide are capable of heavy radial force developed during cutting.

The programmable travelling tailstock features a long stroke of 13.78in.

ANS-300TTS machines turn diameters up to 7.1in and shaft work up to 11.81in long.

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