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Fujitsu Semiconductor has announced the release of 44 microcontrollers that can be used in factory automation equipment and major home appliances.

FM3 32-bit microcontrollers employ the ARM Cortex-M3 global-standard processor core and incorporate a wide variety of peripheral features.

In terms of existing markets for 32-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers, the FM3 range will offer the high-performance MB9BF500/400/300/100 series for the 32-bit market, which demands high-speed, and the basic MB9AF100 series for the 16-bit market, which requires superior cost performance and low power consumption.

As an initial offering, Fujitsu will begin volume production of a total of 44 products from both the high-performance and basic product lines.

The product line-up will include models for use in various sectors, from high-performance applications that require advanced control, such as factory automation systems, to basic applications, such as major home appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and so on), digital consumer devices and office automation equipment.

Samples of the chips will begin shipping from late November 2010, with volume to ramp in January 2011.

The high-performance MB9BF500/400/300/100 Series is based on a core designed to enable superior processing performance while consuming less power.

The series features peripheral functions that have been optimised for use in servo control for factory automation applications and in inverter control, to increase system power efficiency.

Through its high-speed CPU and flash memory, the microcontrollers can respond with zero-wait states up to 60MHz.

It also features a high-speed 12-bit A/D converter (1.0us), various timers, USB 2.0 Host/Function, CAN and the ability to operate with a wide range of power supplies (2.7V to 5.5V).

The Basic MB9AF100 series features limited versions of the advanced peripheral functions of the high-performance product line, as well as power-saving technology.

The series has been optimised primarily for major home appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, digital consumer devices and office automation equipment.

The microcontrollers include embedded high-speed and high-reliability NOR flash memory.

The memory is designed for 100,000 write cycles and can retain data for up to 20 years.

It can respond with zero-wait states up to 60MHz.

In addition to including peripheral features from its FR microcontroller range, Fujitsu has implemented improved peripheral macros in order to meet the needs of high-precision motor control.

In particular, equipped with a high-precision and high-speed, three-unit, 12-bit A/D converter (+/-2 lsb, 1.0us conversion) on up to 16 channels, the microcontroller’s precision sampling enables fine-tuned motor control and demonstrates its true potential when employed with high-precision, high-speed servo motors and other equipment in factory automation applications.

Although the rotational position of the motor has conventionally been detected through software using the CPU, the FM3 range includes a new motor rotational position sensing counter, enabling automatic detection and making it possible to reduce the CPU workload.

Employing this product makes it possible to reduce the amount of power consumed by inverter systems.

The FM3 range is able to operate from 2.7-5.5V power supplies.

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