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Fujitsu Components has unveiled several developments that have been added to its relay product line.

For example, the FTR-K3-PV relay is suitable for integration in solar energy systems; its 1.5mm contact gap complies with the DIN standard VDE 0126-1-1 for integration in solar energy systems.

This AC power relay stands out due to its high contact current of 32A (coil power is 1,200mW).

The FTR-K3 series has been expanded with multiple latching versions.

The FTR-K3L two coils latching relay has a contact rating of 25A/250VAC and is available as PCB type and tab type.

The FTR-K3-PV relay is also available as a latching version.

The relay offers a 32A high contact current.

The FTR-K3-WG 1.5mm contact gap relay has a contact rating of 25A/250V AC and can handle a carry current of 30A.

The FTR-K3LV latching relay offers a high switching current of 32A and (M4) screw hole tab terminals.

Alongside the expansion of the FTR-K3 series, the Fujitsu power relay group has been strengthened with two high-power/high-current relays: the FTR-V2 and the FTR-V3.

These latching relays are capable of switching a current of 100A and 120A respectively, at a contact voltage range up to 277V AC.

Both relays are available in different terminal types.

Fujitsu has also introduced the FTR-V4 DC power relay.

This relay has a switching capacity of 100A at 60V DC and offers a low contact resistance of 1.0mohm max.

The FTR-V4 is designed with a special arc quenching provision and is available in single- and dual-coil latching versions.

The FBR-59-HW is a small 60A high-power automotive relay that has a contact switch rating of 14V DC, 45A and features a one form U contact configuration.

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