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Fujitsu Components Europe has released the FTR-B3-RF, an ultra-miniature high-frequency relay with a metal case.

The shield around the relay reduces the loss of RF signals and its effect on other components on the board.

At the same time the metal ‘armour’ of the relay protects it from unwanted signal radiation from outside.

The FTR-B3-RF is designed with good high-frequency characteristics up to 1 GHz (Impedance 50 ohm), which makes the FTR-B3-RF suitable for low signal switching applications such as measuring and medical equipment.

FTR-B3-RF features the following high-frequency characteristics: Isolation: > 30dB; Insertion loss:

The FTR-B3-RF features a Two Form C contact utilising high reliable bifurcated contacts.

The relay has surface-mounted terminals and measures 6.7mm (height) and 97mm (mounting area).

The relay offers RF switching power of 3W at 1 GHz and RF carrying power of 1W at 1 GHz.

Another main feature of the FTR-B3-RF is its low power consumption.

The standard type has a power consumption of 140mW (230mW at 24V), while the latching type offers a power consumption of 100mW (120mW at 24V).

Target applications include: measuring equipment; multiplex wireless equipment; data transmission equipment; digital service units for ATM; medical equipment; radio equipment; general RF low signal switching; and RF attenuators.

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Centrally located in the Netherlands, Fujitsu Components Europe is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of relays, thermal printers, resistive touch panels, wireless modules, connectors, keyboards, input devices and KVM switches. With an extensive, well-established network, Fujitsu Components Europe covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Seventy years of product knowledge and exceptional research and development facilities makes Fujitsu a well-experienced and knowledgeable partner capable of offering products with a high level of service and quality. The component research, design and manufacturing facilities utilise the most advanced techniques enhanced by the strictest of quality-control procedures. Customer feedback and ongoing market trend analysis ensure that our products keep pace with the demands of the latest applications.

Fujitsu strongly believes in environmentally friendly engineering, designing products that contribute to a better environment. Fujitsu’s relays, thermal printers, resistive touch panels, wireless modules, connectors, keyboards, input devices and KVM switches are all designed with an eye on the future.

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