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Interfuse specialises in the manufacture of precast masonry blocks, the manufacturing process for which uses a press to precast the products and a series of kilns to provide heat for rapid curing. The company has recently installed a Fulton FT-C vertical coil thermal fluid heater to replace a live steam system that was proving too expensive to operate.

Fulton’s FT-C thermal fluid boiler offers a compact, fuel-fired, four-pass heater design capable of operating at temperatures up to 345°C. The system is designed to provide high fluid velocities and low film temperatures for improved longevity.

Interfuse produces up to 40 masonry products, including its Interlyte, Optilyte and Intercrete blocks and foundation units. Applications typically include retail, industrial, healthcare and educational buildings as well as newbuild and refurbished residential projects. 

Commenting on the choice between steam or thermal systems, Fulton’s sales and marketing manager Carl Knight explained that the decision is determined by the requirements of the process and its temperature range.

If the process requires a temperature above 0°C and below 180°C, steam is usually the first choice,’ he said. ‘However, if the required process temperature is below 0°C or above 180°C, thermal fluid is often the better solution.’

Click on the link above to download Fulton’s thermal fluid heaters brochure.

Key benefits of product application

  • Interfuse works manager Len Parks said that although the change to the Fulton FT-C thermal fluid boiler proved to be a significant investment, the thermal fluid system’s operating costs are about a tenth of those for the steam system, so the company is expecting to achieve payback in three to four years.
  • Thermal fluid is much cleaner than the original steam installation and the maintenance costs are significantly lower because no annual strip-down is required.
  • There are no associated costs for mains water, water softeners or chemicals to run the system, nor are there pressure regulations to adhere to.
  • The system’s compact footprint also means it could be skid mounted, accommodating ancillaries such as a circulating pump, an expansion tank and related pipework, to minimise the floor space required for installation.

The Fulton name has been synonymous with steam since the company first introduced the vertical tubeless steam boiler in 1949 and Fulton was established in Bristol in 1966. Fulton is still one of the world’s leading manufacturers, producing an unrivalled range of multi-fuel steam boilers. But increasingly these are ordered by customers as part of bespoke turnkey systems designed to meet exacting specifications.

Today Fulton Ltd is an important design and manufacturing base in Fulton’s global network that also includes production facilities in the US and China. The company’s UK facility makes it possible to manufacture products more efficiently and to assemble completed units for whenever and wherever they are needed throughout the UK and in export markets.

Once just a steam boiler manufacturer, Fulton now specialises in ready-to-ship skid-mounted and fully packaged boiler plant rooms to meet the current demand for off-site fabrication. The company puts great emphasis on providing sales and application advice and a full commissioning and after-sales service to a growing customer base in hospital and healthcare facilities, food and beverage processing, laundries and other applications.

Design and manufacturing resources are shared and co-ordinated around the world, but no matter where your product originates it will always be produced to the highest quality in a facility that is wholly owned and managed by the Fulton Group, which remains a privately owned family business.

Fulton’s heating and hot-water systems can be delivered as fully prefabricated plant rooms or complete skid-mounted units, built to fit a prepared location and to connect direct to your services.

Using the latest CAD equipment, its design team can accommodate the most sophisticated engineering specifications in surprisingly compact spaces, locating components in the best possible position to suit the installation.

In every sense, today’s Fulton boiler systems are solutions that fit the requirements of the modern age of steam.

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