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TTI has launched the TG1000 10MHz function generator that uses direct digital synthesis, said to be ideal for repetitive test applications.

Direct digital synthesis delivers low-distortion sine waves with improved spectral purity in comparison with analogue function generators.

Frequency stability and phase noise are said to be excellent, and absolute frequency is equal to that of the crystal-based master clock.

The TG1000 can generate frequencies between 0.001Hz and 10MHz to six digits of resolution at amplitudes between 5mV and 20V peak-to-peak EMF.

Source impedance is switchable between 50 ohms and 600ohms.

Frequencies can be set directly in the mHz, Hz, kHz or MHz or as period-in-time units using the numeric keyboard or the spin wheel.

Amplitudes can be set in mV, V or dBm.

The TG1000 is a fully digitally controlled generator in which all functions.

Including wave shape, frequency, amplitude, offset and modulation can be controlled from the internal set-up memories.

This makes it particularly suitable for repetitive test applications.

The generator incorporates fully phase-continuous sweep, linear or logarithmic, with sweep times variable between 50ms and 1000s.

The sweep trigger source can be internal or external, and a sweep marker is provided.

Other modulation modes include AM, gated, FSK and tone-switch using a table of up to 16 frequencies.

The TG1000 is housed in a 2U-high casing with built-in tilt stand, which, although primarily intended for bench-top use, can also be rack mounted.

Thurlby Thandar Instruments

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