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Rautomead has launched an initiative that the company claims could significantly assist companies to arrange finance for investment in Rautomead machinery.

In an endeavour to provide a complete package (equipment, technology, training and finance), Rautomead has announced its collaboration with an international financing partner who, subject to compliance with certain conditions, will be able to provide finance for the purchase of equipment using that equipment as security for the loan.

Funding can be provided for a single machine or for substantially larger turnkey projects in which continuous casting is only one of the technologies required for manufacture of the end product.

Finance is considered on a case-by-case basis and usually avoids the need for a bank guarantee as security.

Guy Henderson, Rautomead sales manager, said: ‘The programme is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from those considering the benefits of investing in continuous casting equipment for the first time to larger-scale operations that are perhaps looking into the virtues of expanding their capability.’ Rautomead has also developed an entry-level RSCC copper-rod casting machine that offers users the advantages of Rautomead proprietary graphite furnace casting technology.

The RSCC machines have been designed for the production of CuOF and CuAg wire rod.

They are available in a number of configurations, as a two, three or four-strand machine.

The rod produced at 8.0mm diameter is suitable for high-quality wire-drawing applications and rod produced at 12-22mm diameter is suitable feedstock for Continuous Extrusion Technology.

The RSCC machines are available with production capacity of up to 3,500 tonnes per year.

They share many of the technical features of the larger Rautomead RS wire-rod casting machines.

In an effort to minimise investment of imported equipment, the RSCC model has been designed to provide users with the option to arrange local manufacture and supply of selected component parts of the continuous casting equipment, according to drawings and information provided by Rautomead.

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