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The Able Fusion level measurement system combines the operation of a float-operated magnetic level indicator with a guided wave radar.

The magnetic level indicator offers a clear visual level display and can be supplied with a reed chain transmitter, magnetostrictive transmitter or switches for high and low level alarm requirements, operating in conjunction with the level indicator float.

The guided wave radar offers an independent level measurement based on high-frequency microwave pulses that are transmitted along a guide rod.

The pulses are reflected back by the liquid surface to a receiver, providing a level measurement accuracy of +/- 3mm.

The visual indication or transmitter output from the magnetic level indicator can be compared to the guided wave radar to provide accurate liquid level measurement, either locally or in a control room.

The combination of technologies provide the operator with a fault tolerant, reliable level system suitable for applications where critical level measurement and redundancy is required, particularly in the offshore, petrochemical, power and pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally, the instrument is suited for replacement of existing side-mounted level instrumentation such as displacer level instruments and sight glasses, providing clarity of local indication as well as independent, alternative level measurement outputs.

Able Fusion can be offered in a single- or dual-chamber design with transmitter and switch options to suit requirements.

The Fusion is a self-contained system that can be side-mounted to a tank or vessel with threaded, flanged or welded pipe connections to suit individual customer specifications.

HART, Profibus and Fieldbus communications protocols are available.

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