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Futek Advanced Sensor Technology is offering its Miniature Column Load Cell with USB output option.

The LCA300 is a compression load cell built for compact-press applications.

Similar to Futek’s larger column load-cell models, the LCA300 may be used in press applications, but on a smaller scale where space is limited.

Traditionally, a load cell is placed in the centre of a press and can produce one function depending on the type of press application.

With the LCA300, the user can monitor individual sensor output when using multiple miniature column load cells with a USB output.

It is also helpful in batch type press applications producing higher amounts of output.

The load cell eliminates the need for an analogue amplifier, power supply, and display equipment.

Measurement is also less affected by noise, temperature variation or power-supply requirement.

With USB integration, the user is able to monitor the output of the sensor which includes Futek’s USB basic software and allows users to monitor the output of the sensor in real time.

The LCA300 offers a compact design for high-capacity applications and has a diameter of 0.62in, making it suitable for compact spaces.

It is offered in 17-4PH stainless steel in 2,000 to 5,000lb, with a raised surface radius to lower the possibility of off-centre loading.

It is designed to measure loads in compression, is manufactured in US, and uses metal foil strain-gauge technology.

It includes strain relief, providing protection from the pull on the cable.

The load cells are suitable for use in industrial process control applications for press fitting, riveting, clinching, and stamping.

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology is a worldwide supplier of loadcells, torque sensors, pressure sensors and custom sensors. Specialising in the research and development of these advanced sensing devices, Futek’s products are used in industry applications such as medical, aerospace, automotive and automation robotics. Futek has established a firm reputation for producing the highest quality in performance and reliability that stand unmatched within the test and measurement industry. In addition, Futek is known for the introduction of USB technology into test and measurement platforms. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on any of the aforementioned.

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