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Verari Systems is using Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDC data centre to demonstrate to potential customers the advantages of its Vertical Cooling Technology.

Verari Systems’ Vertical Cooling Technology creates a high-velocity airstream of cool air driving away the hot air created by high performance components and power suppliers.

Vertical cooling draws cool air out of the floor, forces it through the entire rack and exhausts it into the ceiling, creating a cool and secure environment for the data centre.

This technology is utilised in all Verari’s BladeRack servers, BladeRack storage systems and in its Forest container, which can house over 26PB of storage or 2,880 servers in an industry-standard form factor.

Verari Systems also used 6SigmaDC to optimise the design of its Forest containers from a thermal management standpoint and to simulate customers’ data-centre configuration and evaluate alternative equipment locations.

6SigmaDC enables modelling of complete data centres down to the level of the individual pieces of equipment.

It addresses every stage of the data-centre lifecycle, improving communications and coordination throughout the supply chain.

Equipment manufacturers can define the characteristics of their computing systems, while architects and engineers can evaluate different computing equipment layouts and cooling systems during the design process.

Owner operators can evaluate changes such as the cabinet layout, cabinet orientation, cabinet type, equipment installation, blanking and cable penetrations.

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