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Galil Motion Control, a provider of motion control technology for medical, semiconductor, food-processing and textile machinery, has introduced the DMC-41×3 motion controller series.

The DMC-41×3 is the latest product in the company’s Econo series, which is said to comprise high-performance, low-cost controllers.

The new product features Ethernet 100Base-T, a USB 2.0 port, high-speed performance, a large program memory, analogue inputs and optically isolated input/output (I/O).

Lisa Wade, vice-president of sales and marketing at Galil, said: ‘Compared with the older DMC-21×3 Econo Ethernet controller, the new DMC-41×3 controller offers many speed improvements and can accept encoder inputs up to 15MHz and close the loop as fast as 62ms.

‘It also offers twice as much memory for user programs and arrays,’ she added.

The DMC-41×3 operates as a standalone unit or interfaces to a PC with Ethernet 10/100Base-T or USB.

An auxiliary RS232 port is also provided.

The product is available in one- through eight-axis formats and each axis is user configurable for stepper-motor or servomotor operation.

The controller can be connected with the external drives of any power range or with Galil’s multi-axis (500W per axis) servo drives or 60V, 3A micro-stepping drives.

Galil drives install directly onto the DMC-41×3 controller, fitting inside the metal enclosure and saving space, cost and wiring.

The standard I/O of the DMC-41×3 controller includes 16 optically isolated inputs and outputs for the one- to four-axis models and 32 I/O for the five- to eight-axis models.

Eight analogue inputs are provided in addition to optically isolated forward and reverse limits and a home input for each axis.

Other controller features include PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feed-forward, memory for user programs, multi-tasking for simultaneously running up to eight programs and I/O processing for synchronising motion with external events.

Modes of motion include point-to-point positioning, position tracking, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing, ECAM and PVT.

The DMC-41×3 controller and drive package measures 8.1 x 7.3 x 1.5in (20.6 x 18.4 x 3.8cm) for the one- through four-axis model and 11.5 x 7.25 x 1.5in for the five- through eight-axis model.

It accepts power from a single 20-60VDC source.

The DMC-41×3 is available as a card-level product or packaged in a metal enclosure.

As with all Galil controllers, the DMC-41×3 is programmed with the company’s two-letter command language.

The Galiltools software simplifies system setup with automated servo tuning and the real-time display of motion information.

Pricing for the four-axis DMC-4143 controller is USD1,495 (GBP961) in quantities of one and USD995 in quantities of 100.

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