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Gamajet Cleaning Systems has announced the release of the Powerflex tank-cleaning machine.

The Powerflex offers 400-plus times the cleaning force of a standard sprayball at the same pressure and flow.

For example, at a 10ft distance, operating at 30gpm and 50psi, the Gamajet Powerflex produces nearly 10lbs of force.

The average spray ball in the same scenario produces 0.01-0.5lbs.

The average operating conditions for the Gamajet Powerflex are between 50-100psi and 20-80 gallons per minute.

At such conditions, the Powerflex will maintain 8-15lbs of force at a 10ft distance.

The Powerflex also incorporates a sanitary design, including FDA-compliant materials, self-cleaning and draining capabilities, and a high-polish, sanitary finish, making it suitable for sanitary and industrial applications.

In addition, the Powerflex utilises a patented technology that makes it 20-30 per cent more durable than other rotary tank cleaners.

Like all Gamajet machines, the Powerflex utilises Gamajet Cleaning Systems’ proven rotary impingement technology that optimises the pressure and flow (machines are fluid drive – no external motor required) to create high-impact cleaning jets.

These jets then scour the entire tank interior in a repeatable and reliable 360deg manner, resulting in the most efficient and effective cleaning.

Facilities can trial or purchase the Powerflex through any authorised Gamajet distributor, or directly through Gamajet Cleaning Systems.

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