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Gamatronic has launched the Mega Power Plus Modular UPS, an uninterruptible power supply that offers 25kW to 250kW of pure on-line power.

The unit is based on Power Plus Technology and implements the latest power elements and algorithms.

Power Plus features include: AC/AC efficiency of 96 per cent; cutting power supply losses in half from eight per cent to four per cent; on-line double conversion topology; parallel redundant UPS system for modularity and upgrade.

The UPS has been designed as a hot-swappable system in a modular design.

It reduces heat dissipation, thereby saving a significant amount of energy costs per annum (up to GBP2,500 per 100 kVA/80kw per annum, less running costs).

The unit has a UPS-to-generator power ratio of 1.2.

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