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GAO RFID has introduced a UHF RFID fob tag for tracking assets, including tracking tools and equipment for real-time inventory visibility and automated check-in/check-out procedures.

The fob tag has been designed for loop attachment to key rings or other items with similar-style mounting requirements.

It can prevent detuning when in close proximity to liquids and metals, such as next to the body or on a keychain with other keys.

The UHF RFID fob tag can be attached to tracked assets using a ring or tie-wrap.

The model 136007 operates over the frequency band of 902-928MHz for North America and 865-868MHz for Europe or India.

It features high receive signal sensitivity, high backscatter efficiency, low turn-on threshold, high read-write reliability and multi-stage wake-up.

The fob tag offers 64kb memory total with 60kb rewritable non-volatile user memory to store user information such as E-manifest, maintenance records, custody chain and history.

Selected groups of tags can be activated separately, enabling faster identification and storing of tagged items.

The fob tag offers a maximum read distance of 25m and supports data rates of 8kb for forward link and 32kb/s for reverse link.

GAO RFID Asset Tracking

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