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There are eight new gas analysers available from Cambridge Sensotec, all of which include either the Yuasa electrochemical oxygen sensor or the German engineered ppm electrochemical oxygen cell.

The Yuasa cell has a range of 0-100 per cent oxygen with an accuracy of -/+1 per cent of the actual oxygen concentration while the electrochemical cell has a range of 0.1ppm-1 per cent with an accuracy of +/-1 per cent of the full scale.

According to Cambridge Sensotec, this cell is extremely sensitive to higher levels of oxygen, including air, and to prevent damage the unit is fitted with solenoid valves.

The new gas analysers are available with electrochemical sensors only or paired with a carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or dewpoint sensor.

Both the CO and CO2 are measured using infrared sensors that have full pressure and temperature correction as standard.

The infrared sensors are available in a variety of ranges from ppm to per cent.

The dewpoint sensor is deemed a high-precision transmitter, fully calibrated and supplied with its own Calibration Certificate.

This provides direct traceability to both UK (NPL) and US (NIST) humidity standards.

The sensor is certified at thirteen dewpoint levels across its operating range against a certified reference hygrometer, using a mass-flow humidity generator system as a source of reference calibration gas.

Included in all Rapidox 3100 gas analysers is a linear-piston vacuum pump manufactured by Nitto.

According to Cambridge Sensotec, the pumps are exceptionally quiet (40 dB/m or less) and the flow of gas can be adjusted using the flow gauge / needle valve on the front panel of the Rapidox gas analyser.

The internal pressure sensor compensates for small changes in gas pressure to keep the readings stable.

Each Rapidox 3100 gas analyser is packed with features, such as fully programmable alarm circuits, programmable analogue outputs, easy calibration with user-selectable gases, RS232 / RS485 communications, independent type K thermocouple and a full set of communications / data-logging software.

Full data logging of oxygen and CO/CO2/H2O, together with temperature and pressure, is possible using the MS-Excel-compatible logging software.

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