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Synkera has introduced the first two products in its Mikrokera line of low-power, micro-machined H2 and VOC sensors for use in industrial health and safety, air quality monitoring and process control.

The Mikrokera family of sensors utilises the company’s micro-machined nanostructured ceramic microsensor platform made from anodic aluminium oxide (AAO).

The microsensor platform is said to offer a combination of performance, reliability and scalability that will facilitate development of a complete family of sensors for existing and emerging industrial and commercial applications.

The first two sensors use the same sensing materials that have been deployed in Synkera’s Prokera VOC and hydrogen (H2) sensors, while reducing power consumption to ~1/4 that of the Prokera line, enabling new opportunities in portable and wireless applications.

Additional Mikrokera sensors for detection of chlorine (C12), ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) will be introduced later in 2010.

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