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Siemens and Cordell ASR Technology (CASR) have delivered a fully integrated control and safety system for one of Scottish and Southern Energy’s gas storage facilities.

The overall solution was based on a fully integrated Siemens PCS7 platform and system integrators, enabling the use of common hardware across the distributed control system (DCS) and the emergency shutdown system (ESD).

Underpinning all the systems are fully redundant technologies for controllers, power supplies and networks, ensuring that high availability is maintained at all times.

In addition to the DCS and ESD systems, there was a requirement to integrate CCTV into the main control-system operator screens.

The plant is controlled and monitored by a high-availability dual-processor process control system, using the Siemens S7-400H hardware platform and PCS7 software.

The facility and the control systems allow the total control and monitoring of all activities of the gas storage plant, as well as providing interfaces for the operators and engineers.

CASR developed an import and export campaign management system, providing the complete autonomous control of the facility that allows it to react quickly to any commercial demands.

It accurately records and logs all parameters and events at the site and enables data acquisition and control functions for the gas compressor systems.

With the biggest risk the potential escape and subsequent ignition of natural gas, it was also necessary for a fire and gas system to be provided.

The system in place now continuously monitors the storage facility for any detected fire or gas accumulation and initiates the safe isolation, shutdown and protection of the appropriate equipment in accordance with the designated ESD procedures.

The ESD system has been designed using a dual-processor configuration – based on the Siemens S7-400F/H hardware platform using Siemens Safety Matrix software.

The ESD system communicates into the process control system for alarm annunciation via an industrial Ethernet network.

The ESD system has been engineered to meet the requirements of IEC 61508/61511 and the fire and gas system incorporates a dedicated, addressable fire panel certified to EN54.

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