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Gast’s Jun-Air range of high-purity, heatless desiccant air dryers for use with the company’s cabinet compressors enable water-vapour removal in a range of industrial and commercial facilities.

The devices feature a new system that combines the filter and desiccant in one easily exchanged, externally fitted cartridge, to simplify maintenance.

The iQdryer’s design incorporates new, patented technologies and modern materials to deliver pulse-free, high-quality compressed air with increased reliability, lower running costs and simplified maintenance procedures.

The dryer also meets high-purity standards and delivers air in accordance with ISO 8573:1-2001, Class 2 dirt (1um) and Class 2 water (-40C pressure dew point), and has a maximum working pressure of 12 barg (174 psig).

Features include high-tensile extruded aluminium columns containing twin-dryer chambers anodised for corrosion protection; a pressure-maintaining device that ensures desiccant bed velocities are controlled to maintain dew-point performance; and two patented filter/desiccant cartridges (one per column) containing desiccant and inlet/outlet filtration.

The chamber design also ensures that replacement filter/desiccant cartridges can only be fitted in one direction, to eliminate installation errors in the field.

‘By integrating inlet/outlet filtration into the desiccant cartridge, we have been able to eliminate three external filters and drains which, together with the design improvements, has allowed us to reduce pressure drop through the dryer by 60 per cent and reduce the power required by the compressor by 7.8 per cent,’ said Adrian Lee, managing director, Gast.

Other features that ensure optimum reliability include the collection of condensate in a ‘quiet zone’ that is then vented frequently by timed solenoid valves to eliminate the risk of float-drain malfunction; and purge-adjustment screws located after fine dust filtration to eliminate contamination and loss of performance.

An all-in-one service kit is also available with full instructions and replacement cartridges sealed in airtight foil bags to prolong shelf life.

The iQdryer is available on all Jun-Air cabinet compressors with immediate effect and will be rolled out to the company’s open compressor models – including the oil-less OF300 and OF1200 series – from September.

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