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Gates Corporation has released a white paper discussing the need for a hydraulic systems approach when it comes to hoses and couplings.

According to the company, among the basic components of every hydraulic system is a series of hoses and couplings that transport fluid under pressure from a pump to an actuating mechanism that converts the fluid into motion or force.

In a way, hoses and couplings are critical subsystems of the larger hydraulic circuit that includes the fluid, the reservoir, the hydraulic pump, hydraulic valves and the actuator.

Suppliers offer hundreds of types and styles of hydraulic hoses and thousands of couplings and fittings.

When selecting an OE hydraulic hose and coupling system or fabricating an aftermarket assembly, the first step must be to match hoses and couplings from the same manufacturer.

Gates and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) warn against using couplings from one manufacturer and hoses from a different manufacturer interchangeably.

Although most US-made hydraulic hoses, and many imported hoses, are built to conform to SAE specifications, SAE allows a wide range of materials to be used.

Different manufacturers use different materials that can result in a variety of hose styles.

They design their hose and coupling components to fit their own tolerances.

Hoses from various manufacturers may have similar dimensions and constructions but different rubber compounds and reinforcement materials.

Couplings are individually designed and tested to handle the hose manufacturer’s product.

In addition, the proliferation of thread ends from around the world in recent years has increased the possibility of mismatching threads and seats on various couplings.

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