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The WireX gateway from Edevice allows telephone landlines in home and office environments to migrate immediately to wireless cellular networks.

The WireX converter allows legacy equipment with embedded analogue modems to immediately be switched from connecting through the traditional phone line to connecting through a mobile GSM/GPRS wireless network.

WireX is an analogue-to-wireless converter designed for self-installation by the end user: it does not require any changes on the existing legacy device, the user only needs to disconnect the phone cable from the wall and plug it into the WireX dial-up connector.

The data previously transferred over the phone link is then automatically transmitted using phone line emulation over a GPRS or GSM data cellular network.

‘This product offers wireless carriers and OEMs a new opportunity for installing several thousands of solutions providing their end users with a quick ROI: with 1Mb of data per month, WireX can lower prices by more than 50 per cent when replacing a dedicated phone line,’ said Marc Berrebi, chief executive of Edevice.

In the home, the WireX can be used with different types of already-in-the-field devices equipped with analogue modems including remote patient monitors, telecardiology monitors, alarm and security systems, TV set-top boxes and more.

In the case of SOHO and small shops, WireX can be used to immediately and smoothly convert point-of-sale equipment, energy metering systems and security and access control devices to cellular.

WireX allows wireless carriers to gain market share in the ‘Connected Device’ category that encompasses home-based machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

End users can then take advantage of subscriptions adapted to M2M data usage levels and also enjoy mobility outside the home including internationally with worldwide cellular coverage.

This solution can provide a boost for growing the M2M market at cellular carriers and will be a key growth driver over the next couple of years.

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