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The PCA-375 Series Gauge Head from Measurement Specialties (MEAS) uses reliable Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) technology to provide cost effective/long-stroke gauging.

Based on the MHR Series, the PCA-375 was manufactured under the strict ISO9001 quality management system and specifically designed for operation in harsher industrial environments with minimal available installation space.

Measuring just 0.375in in diameter and incorporating an in-line IP-65-rated cable exit, the PCA-375 has non-intrusive and slim profile measurements, making it suitable for high-density fixtures and related applications.

Externally, the PCA-375 is constructed entirely of 300 and 400 Series stainless steel, with a field-replaceable, chrome-plated hardened tool steel contact tip.

Electrical termination is via a 2m-long, shielded, six-conductor polyurethane jacketed cable.

Internally, a simplified core, plunger and bearing construction (four pieces in total) increases its long-term reliability, while a heavy-duty return spring ensures adequate force to repeatedly extend the plunger, thereby eliminating concerns over measurement integrity.

With all electrical and mechanical parts co-located within a common housing, and the elimination of the front end ‘barrel’ common to many gauge heads, the overall length has been reduced, providing a more desirable stroke-to-overall-length ratio.

Designed to service applications in the industrial market place, the PCA-375 is suitable for foundries, metal-joining operations, process control, or wherever environmentally challenging gauging is required.

Available in four standard measurement ranges from +/-0.1 to +/-1.0in, the PCA-375 is compatible with MEAS LVDT Signal Conditioners, Readouts and Controllers.

A full range of replaceable contact tips in various configurations ensures a proper fit, while operation from 2.5KHz to 10KHz insures compatibility with most existing systems.

Other features include a 0.5 per cent non-linearity and an operating temperature range of -45F to +160F (-40C to 70C).

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