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Sensor expert Measurement Specialties has developed and commercialised the GC series of heavy duty gauge heads for general positioning and gauging in industrial environments.

The GC series uses linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) technology coupled with a precision linear bearing assembly.

The robust, spring-loaded position sensors are said to be suitable for use in factory automation, industrial printing equipment, steel mills, metal thickness gauging, in-process measurements, and in other applications requiring high performance in environments containing moisture, dirt and fluid contaminants.

The GC series gauge heads are Schaevitz products manufactured under the ISO9001 quality management standard.

The gauge heads are said to offer ruggedness, a long lifecycle and high reliability, providing a low cost of ownership over the life of the equipment onto which they are installed.

The one-piece front end (barrel that contains the bearing assembly) – machined from solid stainless steel bar coupled with a bronze bushing – has a greater resistance to bending forces and side loads compared with other designs.

This is important on the longer-stroke versions as it reduces the common risk of probe damage/bending during installation or maintenance of industrial equipment.

Measurement Specialities added that the GC series designs also require fewer parts and weld joints, thereby increasing overall structural integrity and reliability.

GC series gauge heads are suitable for continuous operation up to a temperature range of -55C to +150C (-65F to +300F) (GCA version).

The robust, all-welded stainless-steel assembly complies with IEC standard IP68 up to 1,000lb/in2.

The integral (welded) hermetic MS-type connector (MIL-C-5015) allows easy installation without the need for splicing and also allows replacing a damaged cable without sacrificing the sensor.

All standard strokes in the company’s datasheets are available.

The GCA series is the high-temperature version (AC LVDT) while the GCD series offers built-in signal conditioning and are CE certified.

The company also offers the GCD-SE (single-ended DC voltage), GCT (4-20mA two-wire loop) and GC-485 (RS-485 digital series).

There are also options such as mating connector plugs, special contact tips, air extend/spring retract, and cable assemblies to connect to Measurement Specialties’ signal conditioners.

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