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GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies has updated its Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) software to include the XL Go portable video borescope.

The XL Go is a lightweight and high-resolution video borescope that weighs just 1.73kg (3.8 lb).

It can tackle inspections in small and hard-to-reach places.

Applications include inspecting windmills, pipelines, gas turbines, steam turbines, aircraft engines, underground sewer lines, steam generators or heat exchangers.

MDI is an intelligence tool that guides remote visual inspection users through the inspection process and auto-generates a data report.

MDI provides a guided inspection, where context is automatically added to images captured during a visual inspection.

After creating the inspection path, MDI conducts the inspection, which delivers annotations and intelligent file names to captured images.

A report can be generated directly from the XL Go.

The guided inspection reduces reporting errors, improves data flow for asset management, increases the speed and ease of sharing data and eliminates post-inspection reporting with the click-to-report feature, which automatically creates and distributes an inspection report.

MDI connects with GE’s Rhythm software, a powerful data-management platform.

The Rhythm Visual archiving tool stores and shares Diconde-compliant images and data, enabling data mining.

Diconde is an ASTM image standard that ensures long-term data utility and enables vendor-independent access and multi-system communication.

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