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Interface Masters Technologies has brought out a desktop form-factor external passive bypass switch range for Gbit Ethernet (GE).

It is designed to integrate with inline networking servers, including WAN acceleration, UTM, IPS systems, and security and monitoring appliances such as firewalls, IDS systems and analysis probes.

This low-cost, low power, compact form-factor external bypass switch features passive bypass functionality for maximum network-uptime and performance.

The Niagara 2292 supports copper, multi-mode and single-mode fibre Gbit Ethernet options.

Niagara 2292 detects inline-appliance malfunctions such as software crashes, power failure or link loss, and automatically re-routes network traffic away from the inline device directly through the network link.

Once the system is operating correctly and power is restored to the appliance, network traffic is seamlessly diverted back to the inline device, allowing it to resume its critical functions.

Niagara 2292 is simply configured and managed via serial connection through a control port.

Niagara 2292 provides essential features for maintaining high network availability: Gbit copper support; Gbit and 10 Gbit multi-mode and single-mode fibre support; two Gbit ports to create a network link; two Gbit ports to connect an inline appliance; passive bypass, which is essential during power loss or software crash; programmable heartbeat interval; programmable ‘fail-closed’ or ‘fail-open’ while in the power-off state; dedicated RS-232 control port for simple heart beat; interval programming; low power consumption; 0.3W maximum power; full ROHS compliance; and FCC class A and CE certification.

The Niagara 2292 is designed for the SMB market and can be integrated with inline appliances including ISP, IT network security, UTM, storage area networks (SAN), intrusion detection and prevention and WAN acceleration devices.

The product is now available for free evaluation for qualified projects and will be in full production in late October 2009.

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