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GE Oil and Gas has been selected by Chevron to deploy advanced liquefied natural gas technology for the development of Gorgon – claimed to be one of the world’s largest untapped natural gas fields.

Gorgon also features what is claimed to be the world’s largest ever CO2 sequestration technology project.

GE will supply Chevron with equipment to fulfil Gorgon’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and CO2 sequestration.

This includes: three main refrigerant compression trains, required for Gorgon’s production of 15 million tonnes per annum LNG – equating to three shipments a week leaving Gorgon’s purpose-built LNG loading jetty; and six compression trains, required to drive Gorgon’s CO2 sequestration project.

The Gorgon natural gas fields are located at Barrow Island, around 130km off Western Australia.

Gas will be extracted and delivered via subsea and underground pipelines to gas treatment and liquefaction facilities on Barrow Island’s southeast coast.

Three 5-MTPA GE main refrigerant compression trains, each comprising two GE Frame-7 gas turbines plus advanced technology liquefaction compressors, will be utilised for the production of liquefied natural gas by chilling to -160C, ready for shipping, before re-gasification and pipeline transportation for use by domestic and industrial customers.

Prior to liquefaction, CO2 will be stripped out and injected into the depleted natural gas wells 1,300m deep to ensure its safe storage and the reduction of emissions.

Six surface-operating, 15MW electric-motor-driven GE compression trains will be deployed.

The GE main refrigerant compression trains and the GE compression trains for CO2 sequestration will be manufactured and tested in Florence and Massa, Italy, then shipped in 2011 and 2012.

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