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The Spotchecker from GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies is a hand-held flaw detector with application-specific software, which allows it to be used as a portable solution for spot weld testing.

Contained within an environmentally protected housing, the instrument does not require intensive training and offers an ‘expert’ system for less qualified people in weld inspection.

Spotchecker will allow inspection to be carried out at the place of welding, rather than having to move welded parts to dedicated inspection points.

Spotchecker is sealed to IP65 and weighs 3.5kg.

Its ergonomically designed operator interface features an 8in LCD touch screen, six programmable function keys and twin track balls to allow ease of use, even in the most restricted of testing locations.

It is battery operated and batteries can be ‘hot swapped’ to ensure continuous operation.

Battery charging can be done with batteries inside or outside the instrument, using an external charger.

The instrument can also be remotely operated if required.

The flaw detector can be connected to external periphery devices such as mouse, keyboard and printer either by USB or by WLAN.

Data upload and download is performed wirelessly.

The Ultralog application software included with Spotchecker is a tried-and-tested database program for the systematic inspection of spot-welded joints.

Combining ultrasonic expertise with electronic data processing, it provides a package for performing inspection, evaluation and documentation of results, while meeting strict quality management requirements.

By setting out inspection and test plans, specifying the number of welds to be inspected, and describing the test location material data, test diagrams and ultrasonic settings, Ultralog allows Spotchecker to be used by relatively unskilled personnel.

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