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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, has launched advanced analytics solutions for its software portfolio.

The introductions of Proficy Troubleshooter and Proficy Cause+, the updated release of Proficy Historian version 3.5, and the market position of Proficy’s HMI/Scada products combine to provide companies with information to enhance process performance.

These solutions provide a three-step process for advanced analysis, starting with Proficy Historian 3.5, a plant-wide data historian that collects, archives and distributes real-time plant-floor process information at high speeds.

The second component of the process is the Proficy Troubleshooter product, an offline product that analyses process variation.

It is used to identify causes for production problems and identify the opportunity for preventing these problems in the future.

Proficy Troubleshooter acts as a bridge between Proficy Historian and Proficy HMI/Scada, obtaining relationships between process variables and preparing benefit estimations for real-time deployment.

Proficy Troubleshooter includes multivariate modelling and data-mining techniques and does not require a background in advanced statistics or modelling.

It provides a clear path to real-time solutions, providing a real-time intelligent monitoring and advisory solution in Proficy Cause+, with outputs displayed in Proficy HMI/Scada and web-based reporting.

The components of Proficy Troubleshooter are: Proficy Continuous Wizard for troubleshooting time-based and/or continuous process data; Proficy Discrete and Batch Wizard for troubleshooting generic index-based, discrete and/or batch process data; and Proficy Architect for data preparation, simulation and solution development.

After Proficy Troubleshooter models the solution, the next logical step is to put the process into production.

Proficy Cause+ wires in the real-time data and introduces alarms based on causal relationships within the process.

It extracts more value from real-time data, in the form of likely causes of process or asset-related problems and variation in real-time, with pre-configured corrective actions to the operator if alarm-conditions are triggered.

Proficy Cause+ is a value-added decision-support solution to the Proficy HMI/Scada Ifix and Cimplicity products that also provides reporting on causes over specified periods of time for production management and process engineers.

It enables real-time causes of process problems (for example, bad batches); real-time corrective actions to address process problems; wizard-based and custom development and simulation of a real-time solution before deploying it within Proficy HMI/Scada; model- and rules-based cause identification; web-based reporting of causes over user-defined periods; causes-based intelligent alarming, and capturing of expert knowledge for real-time expert system use.

Proficy Cause+ enables production engineers and process specialists to generate real-time causes for production process deviations.

During such real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) deviation, in-depth process knowledge is delivered to an operator to provide specific actionable message guidance for correction.

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