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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has released an OEM Solutions Pack for Proficy Ifix 5.0, the company’s HMI/Scada software.

The offering is a compilation of pre-configured out-of-the-box graphic objects and screens specifically tailored to machine level HMI/Scada applications.

The components, along with an integrated workspace toolbar and screen templates, accelerate Ifix application development and allows duplication across many devices and/or machines for ease of integration, consistency of operation, and implementation of data standards such as OMAC.

Menu-driven configuration development enables rapid configuration of pre-developed screens for OEMs.

Specific tools, dynamos, machine and line-level pre-developed screens, including OMAC templates, will provide consistency across machines, enabling reduced engineering time, faster training and an easier learning curve.

Developers can use the out-of-the-box components as a starting point or customise them to solve a specific problem while maintaining ease of use for the operators.

The trending components and pre-built screens are specifically designed for touch-screen operation and enable quick troubleshooting and in-depth visualisation of machine data on the plant floor, alongside web-client capability in any environment.

To address the specific needs of integrating equipment on the plant floor this product adopts OMAC standards.

Advantages are said to include: shorter machine development cycle; faster integration; standardised program structure; consistency in machine operation; increase in machine features; ease of machine upgrade; increased breadth of machine offerings; and protection of intellectual property.

The OEM Solutions Pack includes a variety of machine performance screen templates and dynamos tailored to provide metrics that will support lean and six sigma initiatives.

This functionality, along with the base HMI/Scada control screens, can provide machine level monitoring at a very low cost to the end customer.

OEMs can streamline project schedules, enable easy maintenance and deliver repeatable systems.

Proficy Ifix offers a Scada engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture and highly scalable and distributed networking model.

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