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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the Neternity RM980RC and RM982RC 6U VMEbus Gigabit Ethernet switches.

The two products respond to the rapidly growing demand for high-performance, high- reliability switching and high port density.

The RM982RC is a configuration-managed switch, featuring GE Fanuc’s embedded Openware Lite management software that allows the switch to be monitored and/or controlled either locally or remotely.

Management features include support for VLANs, MSTP, trunking, mirroring and limited SNMP.

It can be configured with either 24 copper rear Gigabit Ethernet I/O ports or 22 copper rear I/O ports plus two fibre or copper ports routed to the front panel.

The unmanaged RM980RC provides a lower-cost option for customers not requiring a managed switch, and is available in three configurations.

The entry-level unit supports 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports routed to rear I/O.

Alternatively, a 24-port version and 22-port version are available, the latter with two further copper ports with RJ45 connectors routed through the front panel.

Both the RM980RC and RM982RC are RoHS-compliant, and are capable of Layer-2 switching and routing at wire speed.

12-, 22-, and 24-port rear transition modules are available.

Each switch board occupies only a single chassis slot (the 22- and 24-port rear transition modules require two slots) providing maximum port density per slot, and each is able to facilitate communications both within a chassis as well as supporting the external network.

The Openware Lite switch management environment is available on selected Neternity configuration-managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches, providing a common control and monitoring environment that can enhance customer productivity.

Configuration and monitoring functions are accessible from a serial console or via a network.

Supported access methods include Telnet, SSH and SNMP.

Openware Lite is easy to deploy, and is Linux-based, allowing faster implementation and easy updates to firmware.

A familiar Linux command line interface and remote Telnet user interface support allows users to select how they interact with the switch.

It is portable across switch fabrics and processor environments.

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