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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the release of Dataviews 9.20, a set of high- quality graphic visualisation development tools.

It is suitable for building custom applications in various industries, such as manufacturing, aerospace and infrastructure.

This version is updated for the Intel Solaris 10 Unix-based operating system, running on the X86 architecture, and includes features that increase graph configurability, enhance fill effect properties/dynamics, and introduce the ability for transparent backgrounds.

‘The Solaris 10 operating system and other Unix variants are becoming more and more popular because of their enhanced security,’ said Bernard Cubizolles, software product manager for GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Europe.

‘This product saves time and money, so IT managers can focus on programming core applications.’ Dataviews is easy to use, offers multi-platform support, delivers high-speed performance of visualisation updates and is part of GE Fanuc’s Open and Layered strategy of software development.

With more than 15 years of ongoing development, applications created with Dataviews can be found in many different industries for a wide variety of custom applications, including an onboard combat tank battlefield identification system, a metropolitan traffic control system, and a warship damage control system.

Cubizolles added: ‘It allows graphical objects to be developed and imported quickly and easily, rather than having to develop them in code.

‘It fits seamlessly in the application being developed and leverages industry-standard solutions to save data connectivity development time.’ This Dataviews release on the Intel Solaris X86 architecture offers customers an affordable and viable Windows/Linux alternative for the in-house development of their dynamic application interfaces.

Using the toolkit’s open API, developers can efficiently create complex, high-performance, customised interfaces for their control and visualisation applications.

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