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GE’s PRV leak-detection system uses a Bently Nevada Trendmaster Pro architecture to gather periodic, online temperature and acoustic measurements and automatically analyse them in System 1 software.

Using both temperature and acoustic measurements in a complementary fashion provides more reliable detection than when just using either technology alone, according to GE.

These measurements are then processed through a special Rulepak in System 1 software’s decision-support engine.

This Rulepak contains embedded knowledge of PRV leak behaviour, automatically detecting the presence of a leak.

PRVs are used in oil refineries, chemical plants, pipelines, power plants and other industrial applications as part of pressure-relieving systems to protect piping, boilers, vessels and other pressurised assets from dangerous over-pressure conditions.

PRVs are frequently subjected to unnecessary maintenance.

This occurs when a leak cannot be confirmed, but to err on the side of caution, preventive repairs, replacements, or overhauls are carried out ‘just in case’.

This can drive the relative maintenance costs for PRVs to very high.

Cost-effective and reliable online technology is now available to monitor critical PRVs for the presence of leaks.

An online approach means that leaks are caught within minutes, incident severity (and associated consequences) is minimised and costly routine inspection regimens are eliminated.

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